How are companies now using artificial intelligence to stay ahead of their competition?

Learn exactly how to use artificial intelligence in your organization to your advantage and what doesn't work. With the bloofactory AI strategy, we already showed in dozens of use cases how to leverage AI for sustainable success.

Just a few advantages

  • Processes with AI use save time and costs and increase the yield of the company

  • After just one week, you will know how to optimize, automate and work more effectively with a process using artificial intelligence

  • No black box approach - digital processes are supported transparently and measurably with artificial intelligence.



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Use Cases

In the last 1.5 years, dozens of use cases have been supported with artificial intelligence.



Cost Reduction

Companies have saved up to 60% of process costs with AI.




Processes were accelerated up to a factor of 100x sustainably with AI.


Many customers already trust bloola.

7 misconceptions that keep you from using artificial intelligence

1. "Our processes change so often, AI doesn't even make sense..."

On the contrary. With the right approach, this challenge can be addressed. Comparable customers are using AI to constantly address process changes and improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

2. "For AI usage, I have my IT department - they're already doing it".

Right! And a good service provider with AI know-how optimally complements the services of the IT departments so that solutions are available promptly and comprehensively.

The investment is jointly recovered faster and the added value is more comprehensive than if the IT department is left to its own devices.

3. "We use ChatGPT out of the box and that is completely sufficient..."

Unfortunately, this is a misconception. ChatGPT is just a variant of AI tools. There are already hundreds of AI tools in the market and using them correctly creates the decisive advantage.

4. "bloola analyzes in a few days where other service providers need months - that's not possible?"

Yes it can, thanks to our sophisticated and customer-focused bloofactory process and our experience with AI, we are significantly faster than others. In very dynamic environments we interactively provide the customer with a clear picture of what can be done and where it is beyond the scope.

5. "The world is so fast-paced - how are we going to get processes permanently supported with AI?"

On the contrary. Especially in a fast-paced world, it is essential to have good process support and artificial intelligence creates breakthrough opportunities here. 

This generates valuable know how capital to enable continuous AI support in the processes and not to miss the boat.

6. "Artificial intelligence does nothing for our business."

It's the other way around. Artificial intelligence can accelerate data evaluations, analytics, recommendations and more by a factor of 100 or more.

Well-implemented AI use can increase employee performance tenfold and drive significantly more revenue. 

And the competition has already started to use artificial intelligence and in other countries like the US it is a daily topic on radio and TV.

7. "Artificial intelligence is dangerous and puts my company at risk."

Wrong, the image is unfortunately created out of ignorance and belongs to the realm of science fiction.

Artificial intelligence can provide massive support for processes and the organization if it is used in the right places. It's not a matter of bringing the Terminator into the company, but rather of using AI to support IT, as other tools already do today.

With ChatGPT Enterprise, Microsoft has created an offer that allows companies to use artificial intelligence without stress.

Before you learn more about the bloofactory AI strategy, I have a few questions for you:

Does one or more of these points apply to you?

If so, I have great news.

Let us help you solve these challenges!

Together We Create Your AI Roadmap

The analysis and strategy creation is done in 4 phases and is based on dozens of successful projects. With our approach, you make the most of artificial intelligence.


In the initialization phase, we define the goals and framework parameters together with you:
  • Identification of relevant topics
  • Coordination of goals and key figures
  • Summary of concrete requirements from your management perspective and the current situation
  • Setting the framework parameters for the workshops and the result

The result is the basis for the next phase.

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Team Workshops

After the initialization has been completed, we get down to the nitty-gritty with your team.
  • Analysis of the current situation 
    consisting of processes, requirements, etc.
  • Capture and documentation of the relevant processes
  • Capturing and compiling the concrete challenges and problems
  • Detailing the desired goals and results
  • Elaboration of the use of AI in processes


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Growth and Optimization Concept

Now your concept is ready as a result of the first two phases:
  • Screening of relevant topics and processes
  • Design of various promising solution approaches and concrete optimizations with artificial intelligence
  • Design and test of concrete AI usage and compilation of expected improvements and positive effects
  • Optional budgeting of the next phases

After successful presentation and handover, we plan the concrete use and implementation of the growth and optimization concept with you.

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AI Strategie

Use artificial intelligence where it makes sense and creates added value:

  • Based on the solution approaches, the AI strategy can be built up or further developed
  • Based on the results of the previous 3 phases, it is shown where artificial intelligence delivers added value and optimization potential.
  • Compared to manual processes, accelerations by a factor of 100 and cost reductions by up to 60% are achieved.


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Expert Knowledge

For 34 years now, I and my team have been involved in every conceivable form of process digitization and automation. There are few challenges that we have not already tackled.
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Improve phone support by 355% with AI

Improve phone support by 355% with AI

Dec 14, 2023 6:33:12 PM 2 min read
With AI, use knowledge 27% more effectively and save up to 34% costs

With AI, use knowledge 27% more effectively and save up to 34% costs

Dec 7, 2023 12:12:24 AM 2 min read

The path to the bloofactory AI analysis and strategy workshop

Step 1: Booking an appointment

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Step 2: Phone Call

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Step 3: Workshop

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