When the website starts talking with your customer


The bloo.agent interacts as the first solution on the market in natural language and via voice with your customer. Now it's time to come back to real conversations.


The bloo.agent is your virtual assistant


The bloo.agent boosts customer satisfaction by streamlining communication and providing personalised, efficient support. He interacts with customer in natural language direct on the website.


bloo.agent is your 24x7 customer contact


The new artificial intelligence driven bloo.agent is your 24x7 available employee. He serves customers, answers questions, explains products and many more.


A complete new approach



Voice Assistant for Web, Mobile and more

Intelligent Voice Assistant for Web, Instant Messaging and more


Driven by Improved Artificial Intelligence

User Guidance with intelligent AI Technologies.


Automated Knowledge Management

Completely automated Knowledge Management from different sources.

How the bloo.agent supports your business

The bloo.agent addresses a wide range of business needs and expectations.

24/7 Assistance

bloo.agent provides instant responses to customer queries about the company and its offerings, available 24/7.

Interactive Q&A

bloo.agent engages customer in interactive conversations, answering specific questions and guiding them to relevant sections of the website or documents.

Guided Navigation

bloo.agent helps users to navigate the website, providing step-by-step guidance to explore company information and product details.

Real-Time Assistance

bloo.agent provides real-time answers to customer questions about product details, specifications, and usage, reducing the need for customer to sift through complex descriptions.

Simplified Language

bloo.agent analyses complex product descriptions and explains them in a simpler, more conversational language, making them easier for the average customer to understand.

Key Information Highlighting

bloo.agent identifys and highlights the most critical information within a product description, ensuring that essential details are easily accessible.

Round-the-Clock Support

bloo.agent as virtual assistant provides customer support 24/7, ensuring that customers can get help anytime, without having to wait for business hours.

Automated Ticketing

bloo.agent automatically generate support tickets for more complex issues, categorise them, and assign them to the appropriate human agents.

Workflow Automation

bloo.agent automates repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, updating customer information, and providing status updates.

Real-Time Assistance

bloo.agent offers instant responses to common customer queries, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

FAQ Handling

bloo.agent handles frequently asked questions, providing quick answers and freeing up human agents for more complex issues.

Troubleshooting Guides

bloo.agent guides customers through step-by-step troubleshooting processes for common technical issues.

Our solutions for your success

Marketing, Sales and Service

With our different solutions we support your business in the best way possible.

Typical challenges bloo.agent addresses

With our new solution bloo.agent all following challenges will be adressed and the customer experience improved.

Explain Complex Solutions

Help customer to reach the right person

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase service quality with customer support

A few more examples

Success Stories

Improve phone support by 355% with AI

Improve phone support by 355% with AI

Dec 14, 2023 6:33:12 PM 2 min read
With AI, use knowledge 27% more effectively and save up to 34% costs

With AI, use knowledge 27% more effectively and save up to 34% costs

Dec 7, 2023 12:12:24 AM 2 min read
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