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More Time for the Essentials

Our Mission

Our goal is to create more freedom and time for the essentials in life by making IT more intelligent and automating routine tasks. After all, who wants to waste valuable life organizing information?

We are currently facing the challenge of working environment becoming more complex and confusing due to digitization. We are struggling with massively growing amounts of information which we need to review and process. This is apparent when looking at all the notifications beating down on us every day at an increasing rate. Breathing becomes luxury, being rushed becomes the new normal.

Therefore, we strive for a solution enabling both, individuals and organizations, to cope with everyday challenges more easily. Information, messages and tasks flow together in the bloola app. The entire communication is filtered, structured and processed in a clearly organized manner.

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Our Story

The cloud age already offers countless tools for companies to organize themselves. But the number of offers in the cloud grows with each additional day, leading to a huge marketplace with a vast variety of solutions. The individual user is faced with this mass of different tools, is overwhelmed and struggling with incomprehensible user interfaces. He receives countless notifications and attention pings. Meanwhile, the actual work remains unfinished.

Since the early founding years of bloola, we conducted extensive research for better and more effective digital collaboration, reducing misunderstandings and optimally relieving users. Already in 2014, we developed our first bloola social collaboration platform. Usually, communication setup is based on organizational conditions and topics. However, we recognized the focus and perspective of the individual user being crucial for improved collaboration.

We have been developing the next generation bloola app since 2019. A service application bringing all information together and creating a clear overview. With the market launch for desktop and mobile in 2020, we will shape a new type of collaboration: tailored to practical use, less complexity, easier operation. With bloola, users focus on their own goals and have more time for the essentials.

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Our Milestones

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The bloola idea is born. Internal collaboration must become easier. The foundation has been laid.

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A product emerged from an idea. The bloola social collaboration platform is made available to customers. Leading providers in the fields of telecommunications, research and development as well as construction suppliers are enthusiastic: bloola is versatile and user-friendly.

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The bloola internal research and development team is founded to reinvent the digital working mode.

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Based on experience and customer feedback, the completely redesigned social collaboration platform bloola is successfully placed on the market.

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Research pays off. The development of the bloola app begins. It will enable a smooth collaboration, regardless of time and place.

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The first bloola app with focused communication is ready to use - on desktop and mobile.

“Everyone is on a journey.”
Lars-Thorsten Sudmann, Managing Director, bloola

Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
Managing Director, bloola