An overview of the Method

How does bloofactory work?

Our four-stage process at bloofactory is result-oriented and focused on achieving your goals.



In the current analysis, the customer, meaning you, is completely at the center. We identify the challenges to be solved and the problematic aspects in your processes together with you. Your desired workflows are captured, and your process flow is designed collaboratively.

Together, your new target image and your future are created.



In the second step, our UX specialists will give your new process flow a concrete appearance. The new digitally supported process will become visually tangible for you, and the user interface and workflows will become palpable.

From now on, the images are already forming in your mind of how you will work and the new, improved possibilities that your employees and team colleagues can make use of.



In the third step, we move into the implementation phase, and our developers translate your process into the digital realm using the world's largest infrastructure, Microsoft 365. They accompany the entire development process and witness firsthand how brick by brick, your new process automation takes shape. Through iterative deliveries, you can already start working with the system and any resulting changes will be integrated into further development directly with the assistance of our process consultants.



In the fourth and final step, our process consultants guide you through the implementation and measure the success of process automation in your company. Resulting experiences and potential optimizations in daily use are captured and collected for another cycle to further enhance the process for you.

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A few more Highlights

With additional services, we provide the maximum range of possibilities and build optimal solutions for you.

Modern Design

Using modern UI and UX tools, we design your application and its interactive workflows.
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AI in Practice

Using modern AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and others, we will accelerate and optimize your processes even more effectively.

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Expert Knowledge

For the past 33 years, my team and I have been involved in all conceivable forms of process digitalization and automation. There are few challenges that we haven't already tackled.

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The Path to bloofactory

Step 1: Schedule a Meeting

Click on one of the "I want to learn more" buttons and choose a suitable date for your appointment. Submit your contact request.

Step 2: Phone Call

If it turns out that we can assist you and meet the necessary criteria, you will have a qualification call with an expert.

Step 3: Workshop

Become part of the bloofactory winners and implement your processes with our digital support and automation.

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