Discover Your Levers

From 8 to 4 hours work per day

Leave the 8-hour norm behind!

Five Golden Levers for your intelligent workflow.

Find Your Focus

Why are you really working?

PS: Reflect for a moment.

Man in front of a laptop looking thoughtful out of the window

Realize Your Motivation

You are set for life - what would you do with your time?

PS: Imagine it.

Woman with backpack looking on a river in a forest

How do you get from 8 to 4 hours of work a day?

By asking yourself the right questions.

The Workflow Discovery Camp offers you the space to find your answers by yourself.

These result in the levers for your plan to the 4 hours working day.

Workflow Discovery Camp


08/31/2020 - 10/02/2020

Choose your preferred date at registration


You are employed, self-employed or an entrepreneur


Online and at the
bloola headquarters (Gevelsberg)


Two days
Ten seats


Sponsorship by bloola
for the first 100 participants
(free of charge)

Registration Deadline



Discovery Day 1

Goldener Lever - Focus

Goldener Lever - Motivation

Goldener Lever - Tools


Discovery Day 2

Goldener Lever - Skills

Goldener Lever - Communication

Individual Plan