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heardache without bloola

The daily reality.

The daily life of many users in companies:

  • We suffocate in emails!

  • We are overloaded with information!

  • We find nothing again!

  • We lose control!

With bloola it is more relaxed

  • The communication is organized.

  • The knowledge is filed in a structured way.

  • Finding is easy and efficient.

With bloola we regain control of our digital life!

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bloola has wion

bloola is a big tool box, to build up your own world and optimally support your business. Sophisticated technologies, clever mechanisms and extensive functions ensure that your Company and your Employees are optimally supported in their daily work in order to be productive and successful.

bloola supports companies to think forward and develop theirself. Employees connect to others, ideas are quickly born and developed, and projects quickly lead to success.

Whether national or global - with bloola you can act multilingual in all languages of your business world.

bloola has boosted our sales in a unique way, employees are happier, customers are served faster, and sales are growing sustainably.

Marcus D., VF

With the release 17-07 we once made history again

~ Now with a modernized layout! ~

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Data Privacy with an Easy and Intuitive Approach based on bloola technology.

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