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Framework &

Create your own platform for communication and collaboration to support the company in a perfect way - it can be very simple.

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The Construction Kit

The Toolbox

bloola is a big toolbox, to build up your own world and optimally support your business. Sophisticated technologies, clever mechanisms and extensive functions ensure that your Company and your Employees are optimally supported in their daily work in order to be productive and successful.

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Think Forward

bloola supports companies to think forward and develop them self. Employees connect to others, ideas are quickly born and developed, and projects quickly lead to success.

Whether national or global - with bloola you can act multilingual in all languages of your business world.


Think Forward
Go Digital or Go Home

Go Digital or Go Home

This statement by Dieter Zetsche (Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG) concerns not only the automotive industry, but the entire economy.

bloola actively supports the transformation of modern work and Digital Transformation.

Intranet, Extranet or Community

bloola is a broadly applicable tool - whether as Intranet / internal information platform for the employees, Extranet for partners and suppliers or as a Community for your customers and prospects.

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Baukasten und Werkzeuge
Organisierte Zusammenarbeit

Organized Collaboration

The Collaboration is catapulted into completely new forms and structures. Yesterday still a laborious, complex process to work with colleagues, customers and partners - thanks to bloola a light and elegant Procedure.

Optimal Communication

Mailboxes, Spam and Communication Chaos as well as Information Loss were yesterday. With bloola Communication is integrated into the work, structured and optimally organized.

Optimale Kommunikation
Immer aktuell informiert sein!

Always Up to Date

With intelligent Technologies, bloola ensures that you are always up to date and that Relevant Topics are in the Foreground.

Information Spam is now no more problem thanks to bloola.

Find what you are looking for

Google for the Internet - bloola for the business. With bloola, Searching and Finding relevant information is Fun again and is easy and easy. The built-in search finds the Right Information and brings up the relevant Things.

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Finde was Du suchst
Die wichtigen Dinge zur richigen Zeit erledigen

Do the important things at the right time

Keep track of Milestones, Distribute Tasks, track them and get them done on Time - one of the Core Functions of the bloola Platform.

Company on Track

As Captain in the Cockpit, always be on the road to success and closely interlinked with the Team. bloola builds the Line to the Workforce to move quickly and effectively in an age of upheaval, renewal and disruption.

The Path leads away from slow, rigidly organized Companies to agile, modern Organization with an intelligent and open-minded Workforce.

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You can get started right away with our bloola solutions. Your preconfigured intranet, the ready-to-use sales platform, and many other modules enable you to get up and running quickly, avoiding the need for complicated and time-consuming workouts, as is your daily practice with competitors.

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