The application factory

Customize your applications in MS 365 without starting it from scratch



Make life easier

Why with Microsoft 365?
  • There are 3 good reasons - availability, security and possibilities.
  • Your organization is probably using M365, so it is available already.
  • Therefore, your IT has approved it from security standpoint.
  • Last but not least, the possibilities to create applications with M365 is nearly endless.
How would it make my work life easier?
  1. It automates repetitive steps 
  2. It diminishes inefficient meetings
  3. It pre-tests restrictions


Is it really possible to have my own application without starting from scratch?
  • Definitely yes.
  • Simply by reusing existing applications as  templates.
  • All you have to do is adapt the template to your individual requirements.
  • The application factory offers different application templates, so that classic programming is no longer necessary.
In 3 simple steps

Design your smart application

Choose. Customize. Use.

First Choose

Out of a given selection of applications, choose the one that fits the best to your needs.


Then Customize

Eliminate, change or add components until it fits into your image of the application. 


Ready to Use

That's it. Your customized application is ready to use.


Product Benefits

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