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Some of our happy and successful clients

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    "With bloola.sales we achieved 30% increase in turnover in the first year of use because of more efficient and selective allocation of all relevant sales information."


Do you agree?

  • You want to keep your employees up to date and something is always getting lost?
  • You create process descriptions and work instructions and employees won’t follow by excusing with “we did not know where the last version is”?
  • You do work twice because employees did not notice that others have solved current challenges?
  • Employees do not know the company's structure in detail?


For all these challenges we have created an intelligent solution



Do you agree?

  • You distribute product information to your salespeople by e-mail or via file server?
  • The salespeople do not get every single e-mail and / or save the information locally onto the notebook and do not always use the current status?
  • Feedback on the documentation and deals only occurs occasionally or is incomplete?
  • The Key Account Manager is not always up to date, gets information about key customers sporadic what effects that you do not win each offer?

For all these challenges we have created an intelligent solution

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